Lent-a short survey

In this short blog we will take a look at Lent. We will get an opportunity to learn how we can better attechurch-304637_960_720nuate our spirit to understand sacrifice. It is the hope that many readers know what lent is and this is not their first year doing it, and so they will learn to appreciate this opportunity, and grow deeper. In a way we are going to learn how to climb the holy mountain, by Easter we will know to take our shoes off, and what that means. Finally here we will get a chance to know our Father through the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ

There are no ends to the questions if snake, or frog legs count as meat on Friday. Every priest, and every catechist is going to hear someone ask them what kind of meat they can eat on Friday. For all of us who cannot go one day without the need for meat the answer is fish. For some all seafood is ok, but I will defer to the Church’s teaching which allows for the consumption of fish. However, the point and purpose of lent is not to go without, but to fast in order sustain ourselves more from the Word of God. For as Jesus said, “Man does not live by bread alone, but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Indeed we do not need to continually feed ourselves to the brim with food in order that we might feel full.

Lent is a special time of fasting, as it was for the Hebrews of the Old Testament to commemorate their fleeing from Egypt, so too do we fast from our lives that may be more sinful than we notice. Here is a chance to learn who we are, to grow not only closer to God, but for God to grow closer to us. In this time before Easter we can focus on the things we have given up, and for the sake of the Lord if you drink coffee do not give that up, please, we know what kind of people we are without it. Instead drink it black, and free from the sugary foo foo we have come to saturate it with. This is a time to really buckle down and learn to pray. Pray for others not simply for ourselves. Lent is going to give us a chance to pray for those who need our intercessions most.

Here below is a nice video from Catholic.org, and I hope each of you will take time to watch it, and learn from the advice and simple teachings it provides.

Lent a season of repentance


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