What Texts?

Really quick “about” page here. As I go through and quote Scripture, or the Churches teaching its important to know where I get this information.

Unless other wise quoted, or noted, all Bible Verses come out of the Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE). For those Non-Catholics out there this means my copy of the RSV contains the fullness of revealed Scripture in its entire canon. A standard RSV is missing seven whole books, and parts of a couple of others.

Another text commonly used is the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) Second Edition. This book in its some 700 pages contains the summation of the Churches teaching on everything. It is not a supplement of Scripture, nor is it an additional book added to the Bible. This is a text that clearly states exactly the Churches teaching.

The third major resource utilized is the Code of Canon Law. The particular copy is the Second edition revised and updated of the 6th Spanish language edition. This text is key to knowing some of the deeper and more “legal” aspects of the Catholic Faith.

I will also use a variety of online sources, and other Bloggers, or even Apologists. There are a few sources out there anyone can read through themselves if the want other opinions on the Churches teachings. I recommend first Catholic Answers this site is free to use, and even has some interestingly deeper articles than I currently have.

Once again thank you for reading my blog.

White Knight Scholar




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