The real face of climate change

Of profound and inexhaustible opposition nothing is more misunderstood than the role of man and the world he lives in. In a most startling statement a liberal will blame man for all the ills of the world. Who could oppose their points? From the extinction of countless species, to the change of green forest to grey cities, mankind seems bent to do harm to this world. Rain forests are ravenously expunged from South America to make way for other uses. Our skies are filled with pollution, and our food is genetically modified to feed those lucky enough to have food on a regular basis. The Liberal mind is not opposed to new ideas or ways of behaving that are not traditional or widely accepted.

Traditional values and not accepting new ideas is the grounds upon which the Conservative stands. Any change at all to the status quo upsets the balance, and creates a disturbance in the norms of society. However, is that really what the issues are? Could it be instead that never before in the history of man has there been such waste? Today things and even people are used until they no longer are of use, and then they are discarded. This throw away culture refuses to look at the largest issue facing their lives and it is themselves. Mankind has become beyond narcissistic, with an agenda as ugly as its face is. Refusing to acknowledge that they are nothing but lepromatous infections that are a blight on the face of the earth. Instead mankind must live authentic moral lives.

No American, or person of the world, would disagree with the Constitution of the United States when it declares, “all men are created equal,” yet they treat people unequally. This could not be better proved when a customer is standing in line at a store, or in their car waiting for Gas (in Oregon), or at the counter ordering their fast food. Impatient people become aggressive when the human, as equally created, is between them and their goal. Once that goal is met, the person is nothing more than “the cashier.” Equally created means we all have a common name, and that is Human. Conservatives and liberals are both been guilty of this, and so is anyone who would disagree with such a bold statement. We all have used or continue to use people for our own benefit. These benefit abuses are not confined to other humans.

The University of Arizona, in 2004, studied the waste of food, and found some startling facts. Nearly 40 to 50 percent of all food is thrown away. We eat our fill, and toss the rest and move on to the next thing we eat. Humans masticate only what serves their immediate hunger, and disposes of the rest. This does not end with food, back in the early part of the nineteen hundreds the dawn of mass production begins. A philosophy was born out of this system to make people replace goods, and it is called ‘planned obsolescence.’ This is a policy of production in which consumer goods are specifically designed and made to be obsolete within a set amount of time. Need any further evidence than our smart phones, or tablets, or computers? Then what happens is we have to upgrade to a new thing, and the old goes into the garbage dump.

People had the foresight enough to inspire children who grew up to implement new programs. These have set a new president for renewal and recycling. From metals to plastics to glass, even electronic devices can be recycled today, and all these things are from forward thinking people. In Oregon when a tree is harvested, loggers now plant a new tree in its place. Even to the point that old oil used for frying has been converted to powering vehicles. All these and more were obstructed in the courts and were even smeared in political campaigns. Today no one would argue that recycling isn’t a great idea, or replanting is great for our descendants. Being against these programs was because people believed there would be less jobs, and the opposite is true.

Sanitation jobs added drivers and vehicles to pick up recycled goods. Loggers added tree planters to their employment. There wasn’t much job loss after all, not once the objectors and traditionalist stopped obstructing forward progress. Instead of causing more difficulties, children now grow up with a greater respect and responsibility for nature. More people are going to zoos, and the state park system is thriving, and all because of these steps. Yet, it is not enough. There is still too much waste, and too much neglect in the world. Abuses of power from the land we own, to the people we employ. We have become self-centered, and in doing so there is nothing besides ourselves. In believing this way, harm doesn’t simply come to us but to our world, to the created natural order.

No one suffers more from the change of the climate than the world’s poor. For they don’t have a voice, and their abuse is far greater a tragedy. They just work to eat and live, and have no hopes of higher dreams, but to serve and die. No place is this better seen than in war torn countries, where people must do acts of war, or terrorism simply to save their families from a crueler fate. To bring it back home, what about that single mother of two that works three jobs, all of which only total to 50 hours a week? Or the single man who cannot move out of his parents’ home because his job pays minimum wage even if given 40 hours a week? These people work jobs in which they are used and abused in a constant way, yet no one in power stoops low enough to recognize that they suffer while those who have something only eat a portion but throw the rest away.

Moves towards other types of power would not remove jobs in a bad way. The number one cause of death for coal miners: lung cancer at a long life of 40 years of age. The second: tunnels collapsing. Deaths for making solar panels is near zero. There is more power types to choose from today, and the constant badgering and racketeering against sustainable fuels only is a blight on the face of human intelligence. There is not a demand to use fossil fuels in today’s world. No better example is than going into a metropolis and finding it harder to breathe. Volkswagen entered into litigation over having a program that lied to emissions tests, yet countless thousands of diesel pickups are completely legal to dump buckets of thick black smog into the sky.

To be conservative is to keep to values that are unchanging in a world that does not exist in stasis. To be liberal is not to simply let whatever happen, but to at least give new ideas and traditions a fair shot. In either case when the pendulum swung one way it must in time swing back. This pendulum effect is the extremes, and by no means should anyone live their lives in such a way. Instead as harmonic balance is achieved and people stop treating others as tool real change will happen. As long as there continues to be no regards to human equality, and minds aimed at sustainability there is going to continue a degradation of the respect of persons, and in time, nature.


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